Fund Me 2 Million To 10 Million

Our system uses a mathematical algorithm to give a percentage likelihood of approval down to 1/100th of a percent with over 100 different lenders. If there is money to be found… we will find it.  Here is our method:

1) Credit Assessment

We start by doing a full credit assessment to find out what we are working with… Don’t let this scare you away. With tons of lenders and programs, there is almost always an option for funding.

2) Funding Planning Call

Next, we actually go over all the options to make sure that we have the absolute BEST chance at getting you funded. We may ask some weird questions (are you a plumber?) but we assure you that there is a method to the madness.

3) Funding Process

At this point, we have discussed your options, gone over any possible fees, and informed you of any obstacles we could face. Finally, we work with over 110 different lenders to find you the money you need.