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John McCants has been investing in residential foreclosure real estate since the early 1990’s in several markets throughout Washington & Arizona. John has been a successful real estate broker from 1992-2014.  Working with an experienced network of brokers & contractors, John has developed a Team Approach towards buying, rehabbing, flipping and creating portfolios of investment real estate with positive cash flow. John loves to purchase the property at a very steep discount off retail values.

John has specialized in acquiring most of his real estate in the competitive foreclosure marketplace buying wholesale what most people would say is impossible. Whether the property is a “fixer,” “move-in” condition, vacant or occupied, he has developed a proven method to evaluate and assess the property to acquire it and turn a profit.

John’s favorite investment strategy is buying thru Trustee Sales & Sherriff sales (Bank Auctions). John learned how easy it was to buy at auction after working pre-foreclosure strategies with motivated owners over the years.

John joined real estate investors in Renatus educational systems to further his investment career. After attending Renatus, his auction business took off. John formed an investor team vs. being the lone ranger investor, his transaction count and profits skyrocketed as his group became proficient in the marketplace.

John’s financial goal was to be able to retire & start his retirement with vacations across America and travel the world. As John met his financial goals, he changed plans after seeing the economic crisis develop in the USA and around the world. John put full-time retirement on hold and committed to increasing his investment teams in Washington and Arizona due to the real estate recession and current economic conditions. (A perfect storm for investors.)

John supports the power of Team Building to generate leverage in real estate investing by utilizing the Renatus Wealth Cycle. John and his wife Pamela are 5 Star certified, have a grown a solid team of 5 Star Renatus student investors throughout the country creating successful groups of investors.


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