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Hugh Zaretsky has successfully taught and trained over 10,000 real estate investors to successful real estate transactions by investing in single family, multi-family and commercial properties.  He has been educating investors/students for 12+ years and had investors/students in each of the 50 states and Canada.  Hugh is a published author and has co-authored books with Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Woody Woodward, Bob Snyder and many of his successful students.  In the past, Hugh has been a Certified Continuing Education Instructor in California, Florida, New York and Texas.  In his CE classes, Hugh taught and trained licensed attorneys, real estate agents/brokers, and mortgage brokers to think like real estate investors.  It is a different mindset.

Hugh became interested in real estate investing after he lived through 9/11 in New York City.  At that time, Hugh was the youngest director of technology for Getty Images and was the first person to take pictures of the 9/11 scene that day that went out to every major newspaper.  He watched people go to work with hopes and dreams, and they never got a chance to fulfill them.  At that moment, he realized that he had to make a change.  Hugh found real estate investing in 2003 and fired his boss in 2005 to become a full-time real estate investor.  He started investing in single family homes but now specializes in buying properties in bulk, creative financing solutions and raising capital. Two of his favorite transactions so far are…

  • Private Placement Memorandum where he and his team raised 2,300,000 dollars towards acquiring 97 properties over 100 doors valued at over $4,500,000. We only recently started selling off some of the properties in the portfolio. In 2016, the combined profit from the sales of the properties and the gross rental income was over a half million dollars.
  • Hugh organized a group of investors to buy a $1,500,000 59 unit portfolio with only $1,000 down and no credit need. This deal sold in 2016 and the team got to split a check for over $280,000.

Hugh manages a team of over 690 real estate investors and entrepreneurs across the country and in Canada. His teams have locations in Albany, NY, New York City, NY, Atlanta, GA, Jersey City, NJ, Grand Rapids, MI, Northern California and Maui, HI to name a few.  He is very proud of his students and enjoys seeing and hearing about their success.  Hugh is especially delighted by all of the military veterans that he has been able to train and help over the years, this includes all four branches of the military and the coast guard.  

Hugh’s students know that he is a wealth of knowledge and is always looking for different and more creative ways to invest in real estate.  If you have a unique deal, then he is very open to discussing it and finding the best solution to maximize the ROI for you.  Hugh and his beautiful wife Jessica met through our community of investors, and they got married in 2014.  

Jessica and her two handsome boys relocated from Utah to New York City. Hugh enjoys making his families travel dreams come true with trips to Disney World, Harry Potter World, Maui, HI and in 2017 they plan to go to Africa.  Hugh also enjoys spending his free time hanging out with his family, playing soccer, and watching the Mets play baseball.  Hugh & Jessica are also proud supporters of the Statue of Responsibility project.  They want to help teach kids from a young age to learn financial responsibility and have committed to raising $100,000 for this charity.


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