Investor Success Stories

Raul Campos



After 20 years as a successful investment advisor, Raul sold his company to spend time with family. Meeting Bob Snyder, he learned how to enjoy freedom and generate massive income. Through the Renatus Education, he found that he is able to complete 40-50 real estate transactions annually and still enjoy attending his kids’ soccer games.

“Want to create long-lasting wealth? Learn to raise your financial thermostat!”

Raul Campos


There were 2 mortgages on the home totaling $155,000. The property comped at $150,000, and we negotiated the bank down to $110,000. While negotiating with the bank, we were approached by a buyer. Before we ever took the title, we agreed to the price. After the negotiation, we were able to relieve a distressed homeowner, take ownership and sell the home for a net profit of $19,000.  Success in Real Estate investing is only found through education.

Dr. Gary Lawrence

I’m back in the business of helping people learn how to gain their freedom mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially. The best way to predict the future is to create it."

Dr. Gary Lawrence


In just fourteen months, I have been blessed with a considerable income from my Real Estate Investing. The Renatus education has been the key to unlocking this success. I recently found a property in foreclosure that I was able to take the first mortgage subject-to, negotiate the second from $135,000 to $11,000 and sold the property for $200,000. The net profit was $27,480.


  • Married 45 years to wife, Sylvia.
  • Retired from a successful radio show in May 2003.
  • After retiring discovered he had lost 60% of his 401K.
  • In 2008 at the age of 64 introduced to Bob Snyder’s real estate investing education.
  • Earned $25,000 in the first 10 days.
  • Has since become financially free.
  • Founder’s Advisory Board Member
dr gary lawrence

Justin & Kristina Kain



• Former 5th grade band teacher graduated in 2004
• Masters from northwestern in 2005
• Began real estate investing education in 2006
• Full time real estate investor in 2007
• Purchased 49 properties at one time summer of 2009 (Bulk REO)
• Currently owns 25 properties
• Recently closed on 33 properties with Renatus Community members


Negotiated discounts about $500,000; from a $600,000 mortgage down to $165,000. Put about $20,000 into repairs. Bought in June 2011 at $165,000 and sold January 2012 for $251,000.

"The Renatus Education gives you the tools, contacts and context to become financially independent. It's simple, but not easy. The greatest part of it is that the whole process is defined...Just follow the system."

Justin Kain

Scott & Allison Huminsky


The Huminsky's Bio

Scott and Allison Huminsky are a husband wife investment team based out of Chicago Illinois. Having a strong background in con­struction, they realized that now was the time for them to shift gears and become investors. They applied their Renatus education and were able to make a net profit of $133,000 on their first deal!

Attributing their success to the education and the support they received from the Renatus community, they continued to move for­ward. On their second deal, they generated a net profit of $98,057!

Helping Others Help Themselves

Their most recent deal was in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Scott and Allison found a building in need of rehabilitation. Knowing that the V.A. had been looking for tempo­rary housing for homeless veterans, they reached out and struck an amazing deal. The building was purchased, fixed up and now houses veterans who need a hand getting back on their feet.

Congratulations, Scott and Allison for applying your Renatus educa­tion and becoming the change you wish to see in the world.


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